Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Superior Pressure Washing team would like to wish our customers an unforgettable Christmas and a joyous 2022! It was certainly an honor to provide property and business owners with our quality cleaning services, helping them maintain a flawless appearance for their precious structures.  

Although the year posed many novel challenges, your continuous support made it possible to overcome them all. As you prepare a much-deserved celebration, we look forward to another eventful year of providing you with the most comprehensive cleaning services that exceed all expectations. 

We have narrowed down some of our top cleaning services that will help you usher in the new year with a bang. 


House Washing 

The state of your home’s exterior contributes to your property’s curb appeal and value. Mold, mildew, traffic fumes, and dirt are just some of the many environmental pollutants that strip the luster of your abode. When left untreated, your structures may undergo severe rot and deterioration, resulting in costly repairs and replacements. 

Superior Pressure Washing is always here to save the day, offering state-of-the-art soft washing techniques that safeguard your costliest home investments. We provide specialized solutions according to the properties of siding materials, including brick, stucco, and vinyl. 


Commercial Concrete Cleaning 

The concrete structures at your shop front leave a lasting first impression. Superior Pressure Washing offers advanced cleaning services that eliminate stubborn stains and impurities. With our customized approach, you can achieve the deepest clean with lasting results, improving the business ROI for the new year.

Whether you’re a home or business owner, you can trust Superior Pressure Washing to take care of your property needs. Our certified, bonded, and insured technicians will continue to provide 150% commitment to reliable and professional washing services. 


Request a free estimate to learn how our team provides comprehensive annual cleaning. Stay safe, and happy holidays!