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We at Superior Pressure Washing provide Window Cleaning to Olney, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Bethesda & Potomac Maryland. Having your windows professionally cleaned is one of the cheapest possible ways to give your home instant curb appeal according to HGTV. Sparkling clean windows let the light in making your home feel bigger and cleaner. Not to mention allow you to enjoy the outdoors while staying nice and warm/cool inside.

Nothing is better than enjoying your coffee on an early spring morning and looking out crisp, clean windows enjoying beautiful flowers starting to bloom. Let us help you experience this.

Take Curb Appeal To A Whole New Level

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Our Window Cleaning Process

Our technicians use state of the art cleaning techniques and tools to give your windows a streak free clean. We are also very mindful about keeping the inside of your home clean/undisturbed. Anyone can clean windows, giving the customer a great experience while cleaning your windows is our top priority. To that end we:

Upon arrival our technicians do an inspection of the entire home, noting any previous damage to windows and screens.

We then begin by taking out the screens, labeling them accordingly and stacking them to be cleaned.

One of our technicians will then come inside the home with a new pair of booties, a window cleaning belt and drop cloths (if the scope of work calls for it) and start cleaning the windows where instructed by the homeowner. The inside glass, sill, and tracks will be brushed or vacuumed if necessary.

The other technician will carefully begin cleaning the outside of the glass, sill, and tracks. This may be via water fed pole or traditional window cleaning methods. A typical sized home takes approximately half a day to clean all the windows, sills, frames and screens.

A water fed pole is a brush affixed to an extension pole that has ultra purified water pumped through the brush. This ultra purified water leaves the glass spotless after all the dirt is scrubbed and rinsed.

A typical sized home takes approximately half a day to clean all the windows, sills, frames and screens. Prices are anywhere from $10-$14 per window. Another very popular option is to clean just the outside of the glass after we have pressure washed the home Prices are typically $5.00 per window.

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"We have used Superior Pressure Wash multiple times to power wash our house, driveway and deck, and have been super pleased every time. They always go above and beyond and their prices are fair."

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Our Pressure Washing Services

Roof Washing

Roof Washing

We excel at removing black streaks from your shingles! Our soft wash system eliminates lichen, mold, moss, and dirt from your roof. The result: Shingles that are as long-lasting as they are curb appeal ready.

House Washing

House Washing

We utilize a soft washing solution to remove dirt and grime from your siding. This low pressure washing approach is the best way to bring the shine to your exterior, and it guarantees that ‘like new’ result for your home.

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Our team uses a hot water cleaning method to make sure that your gutters are ready for any weather. We provide complete debris removal, clear clogs, & deliver minor maintenance to keep your home protected day in & day out.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

We are your professional source for pressure washing buildings & concrete. Using hot water pressure washing technology, our technicians work with property managers & commercial sites to create a clean, safe space to do business.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Our professionals bring a streak-free result to your interior and exterior windows. Offering both a water-fed pole and traditional cleaning system, we bring a customized clean to your panes, screens, sills, and frames.

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