Three Key Questions to Ask Before You Replace Your Roof

Dark stains and long, mysterious streaks. Moss, algae, and the telltale clusters of mold. A poorly maintained roof has a way of looking dire – and it’s not a huge surprise that the nasty appearance tricks many homeowners into thinking it’s time for a replacement.

But! This is one of the few cases of property maintenance where you can generally save money, time, and rescue your property’s curb appeal in the process – and you can do it without a roof replacement.

Is my roof damaged… or is it just dirty?

We’ve all heard those stories: a priceless work of art is found in someone’s basement, overlooked for years thanks to a thick layer of grime covering the surface. But all it really needs is a careful cleaning to reveal the masterpiece beneath. And while we appreciate that your roof isn’t a long-hidden Monet, the same idea can be applied to your shingles.

Nine times out of ten, your roof isn’t damaged. It just needs a really deep clean.

When we talk to a customer considering a roof cleaning service, we like to start the conversation with a few questions.

1.How old is my roof?

A roof is built to last – and that’s a good thing because it’s a pricey investment. Although certain elements (think tree cover, climatic conditions, storm damage) can reduce the lifetime of your roof, you can generally count on your roof to last up to two decades.

2.When is the last time my roof was professionally cleaned?

We recommend an annual roof cleaning service for most properties. Depending on the characteristics of your property, you may be able to go a little bit longer between services. But if you’re drawing a blank on the last time you had a roof cleaning team come to your home, you’re probably dealing with a dirty roof – not a damaged one.

3. Can I help my roof last longer?

The answer to this one is easy: Yes! We use a specialized soft washing system to clean your shingles. As the cleaning method recommended by roof manufacturers, it offers a safe and effective way to invest in the long life of your roofing.

So, consider this a PSA for any homeowner who has resigned themselves to the cost – and the inconvenience – of a roof replacement. Instead of the five-figure expense, your shingles might just be in desperate need of a clean.