Property Profile: Roof Cleaning

After Roof Cleaning In Olney, MD

Our client’s property was in a battle between curb appeal and a dirty roof. The dirty roof was winning.

Black streaks have a way of taking over a property. When your roof is bogged down by dirt and grime, the effect impacts the rest of your home. And the result can be downright uninspiring.

Our plan of action

The client initially thought their roofing was shot; they believed that a full replacement was the only solution. So our team introduced them to the alternative. With our roof cleaning service, the client:

  • Avoided a costly roof replacement
  • Enhanced curb appeal
  • Stretched the lifetime of their existing roof by 10+ years

A soft washing solution

We utilized a specialty soft washing service to restore the client’s roof to “just like new.” This low-pressure washing service is safe for shingles and serves to:

  • Remove dirt, streaks, and stains
  • Kill mold, mildew, algae, and moss
  • Prevent regrowth

With the help of our experts, the client’s property regained curb appeal. Their roof reclaimed its quality. And their home was a place to be proud of.