We believe that there is an effective solution to clean every surface on your property. But we don’t believe that there is a “one size fits all” approach.

That’s why we use two distinctive techniques – power washing and soft washing – to clean your Gaithersburg property. 

Pressure washing

  • What it does: pressure washing applies a special cleaning solution to a surface affected by dirt and stains. Our pressure washing equipment uses a high PSI, or pounds-per-square-inch, to deliver a power washing solution to the area. This combined approach restores a “like new” clean to your surface.
  • What we use it for: we use power washing for concrete cleaning, driveway cleaning, sidewalk cleaning, and other hardscape cleanings. It is a great fit for hard surfaces that need a little extra power to achieve that high level of cleanliness.

Soft washing

  • What it does: soft washing meets the same end-goals as pressure washing: to remove buildup and promote a clean, curb appeal-friendly surface. But whereas pressure washing relies on force to get the job done, soft washing uses the same pressure as a garden hose.
  • What we use it for: we use soft washing to clean your home exterior, your roof, and other surfaces that may be vulnerable to the force of pressure washing.

Our team is proud to use pressure washing and soft washing to bring out the best in our property. Whether you live in Gaithersburg or the surrounding area, know that you can count on us for superior service.