Bye Winter. Hello Spring

As the last signs of wintertime are making their departure, many homeowners get the “spring cleaning” itch. But this doesn’t only apply to organizing closets and tending gardens; your house exterior also deserves a makeover!

House Washing

When preparing for house washing, Gaithersburg residents are often concerned about the harmful effects that a high-pressure approach can have on their home. Superior Pressure Washing is proud to present a safe and effective solution: Low-pressure washing!

We appreciate that you want a clean home that exudes curb appeal. And that you don’t want the quality of your exterior to suffer in the process. Utilizing effective cleaning agents and a gentle touch, low-pressure washing gives Gaithersburg houses a thorough treatment without subjecting them to potential damage. Black mold, mildew, dirt, and other stains become unwelcome house guests on your exterior during the wintertime. Low-pressure washing eliminates all of these toxins, leaving your home looking refreshed and spotless.

You wouldn’t wash your car with a fire hose – So why should you clean your home with a method that could leave it vulnerable to potential damage? Our professionals have been trained in cutting-edge technology that will leave your home sparkling. And your peace of mind intact.