Pressure Washing Cleans Multiple Areas in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings

Bright sunny villa

Some people picture pressure washing as cleaning the side of a building. While that’s true, more areas can be made sparkling clean. If the HOA, apartment complex, condominium, or another multi-unit residential area you manage is starting to look unsightly, pressure washing is the answer.

Here are a few areas where pressure washing beautifies multi-residential buildings.


  • Building exteriors
  • Sidewalks
  • Common areas
  • Pool Decks
  • Parking garages
  • Windows
  • Roofs
  • Gutters


Multi-unit residential areas can be tricky to clean without professional help. With multiple heights and hard to reach areas, a trained professional is a cost-effective and safe way to clean.

Health Benefits of Pressure Washing

While pressure washing removes dirt and other particulate matter on walls, decks, and other areas, it also helps make areas healthier. For instance, during pressure washing, mold, mildew, and algae are washed away.


As far as moss and slimy areas on sidewalks, those are a trip hazard. Yet, pressure washing removes every bit so walkways are safer and look better.


Residents want to stay in a place that looks nice. Condos, apartment buildings, or any multi-unit residential area with unsightly areas are less likely to have new renters. If the residential area is a homeowners association (HOA) then there is protocol in place to ensure that everything is kept looking its best.


Residents also feel more comfortable and know that management has their best interests in mind. Let’s face it. Nothing says “we don’t care” more than a rundown area – especially when it can be easily brought back to its former glory.

A Representation of the Company

The look, safety, and health of a multi-unit residential area is the responsibility of the owner. Yet, it is often management that is responsible for taking care of these areas. Some may try to use their staff to try to keep areas clean, but maintenance team members do not always have the experience or means to do the job like a professional.


Make sure that you have trained, qualified, and experienced professionals to do the work for you. It takes some of the maintenance load off of your shoulders and keeps your residents happy and safe.