5 Reasons to Say YES to House Washing

Brown shingled house

House washing. It’s probably not something you think about much… until the outside of your home shows signs of needing some TLC. Does your siding appear grimy, dingy, and dirty? Has mold or mildew begun to form?


House power washing definitely make a difference. It’s a simple, affordable preventive maintenance measure that works to beautify your home’s exterior and help you retain the value of your property.


Here’s why house washing that’s handled by a team of qualified professionals is well worth the investment:


Over time, dirt, grease, and mold or fungus can accumulate the exterior of your home. Our breakthrough technique uses a patented technology called soft washing. The result is a deep-down clean that’s gentler on your home’s building materials, yet achieves a more thorough, kind of clean than traditional power washing. Here are more reasons why you should¬†choose the Soft Wash House Washing method done by Superior Pressure Washing:


  • Gives your house that pristine appearance to enhance curb appeal.
  • Brings out the aesthetic beauty of your home’s siding, brick, or stucco.
  • Keeps your family healthy by reducing the spread of mold and pathogens.
  • Helps prevent your home’s siding from deteriorating.
  • Is quick and affordable.

Giving your home’s exterior a good, deep cleaning using our breakthrough soft washing technology will help preserve property value. The simple practice of maintaining your home’s outside surfaces can prevent costly repairs down the road.


A spotless exterior creates a strong first impression to potential buyers, and investing in house power washing can expedite the selling of your home if you’re putting it on the market.


Want to know more? We’ll have a qualified technician come out to your home for a free assessment. Contact Superior Pressure Washing for a house washing estimate today!