3 Signs Your Roof Needs to Get Cleaned

Why Your Roof Deserves a Deep Clean

Have you been ignoring your roof? There is no reason to feel ashamed if the answer is yes – it often drops to the bottom of a home maintenance checklist. But a pressure washing service is one of the best ways that you can preserve your roofing for up to a decade longer. To put it another way, this means you’re saving yourself a 5-digit expense and getting better curb appeal in the process.

Here are a few surefire signs that your roof needs professional care. If you see any of these indicators, give our professionals a call. We’re on it!

Moss is creeping in

Unfortunately for our roofs, moss feels right at home in our temperate climate. We use a low-pressure washing solution to remove the existing growth and prevent it from coming back in the future.

Black streaks are taking over

Often referred to as “zebra stripes,” these streaks take over your roof in the form of vertical, dark lines. They’re caused by mold and they can do a number on your curb appeal. Even worse: They compromise the quality of your roofing, as they eat away at your shingles.

Your roof looks like it needs TLC

Sometimes, your roof isn’t riddled with black streaks, and they don’t have moss. It just looks dirty. A low-pressure washing solution is the best way to revive the curb appeal of your roofing and bring a longer lifetime to every shingle.

A clean roof doesn’t just help your property’s first impression – it also keeps your homeowner’s insurance within compliance. With an annual low-pressure washing service from Superior Pressure Washing, you’re getting a beautiful property, cost savings, and quality that counts.