3 Reasons Roof Cleaning Is Important for Your Property

After Roof Washing

Have you noticed black stains streaking across the surface of your roof? This not-so-subtle sign is your home’s version of a cry for help. Periodic maintenance is essential to keep your investment beautiful and long-lasting. If you can’t remember the last time your home was treated to a roof cleaning service, then it’s likely time to schedule that appointment. Here are the top three benefits you’ll get out of that phone call:

Banished Black Stains

That discoloration is indisputably an eyesore. But the bigger concern is the fact that it’s a health risk. The stains are due to algal growth called Gloeocapsa Magma. It thrives in Maryland’s warm, humid climate… And roofs tend to become its unwilling host. We remove the algal growth and stop its growth. This eliminates the eyesore and also prevents it from spreading into your interior, which can lead to health risks and serious structural damage.

Extended Life for Your Roof

A roof replacement will set you back about $12,000 — and even straightforward repairs can rack up thousands of dollars. Periodic roof cleaning services keep your roofing in better condition for longer, so you don’t have to repair or replace your topmost layer as often. On average, regular roof cleaning services can lengthen the life of a roof by as much as a decade.

Curb Appeal

Your roof should never bring down the aesthetic appeal of your property! We offer the expertise to ensure that this part of your home is an asset, not an eyesore. This is especially impactful if you’re gearing up to put your home on the market.

Superior Pressure Washing is proud to offer homes in Gaithersburg, MD roof cleaning expertise. Consider it the gift that keeps on giving — our affordable solution will keep your property beautiful and functional for years down the road.