Window Cleaning

Imagine sitting in your home with a cup of coffee, dreaming about your day ahead. Then you look out the window, and all you get is a grimy view of the world! It’s no way to start your day.
We can change that for you. It’s as simple as getting us in to wash your windows professionally, efficiently, and speedily! Let us take the grind out of a tedious job.
The same can be said at your business premises – the first impression is the lasting impression. Your clients and employees will enjoy a sense of professionalism if the exterior is maintained and reflects good management and care. Greater curb appeal means more customers.
You sit back, enjoying your coffee, and look out clean and sparkling windows without having had to lift a finger. Your home and business will look brighter and bigger, and you can take in the outdoors while sitting indoors.

Why Should You Keep Your Windows Clean?

It’s not just the appearance – your glass windows will degrade if they are not regularly washed. This can allow the outdoor elements to cause dirt and contamination and result in higher energy bills in the long term.
Pollutants can collect on your windows. This will lead to a decline in your air quality indoors.
In the cold seasons, you need to let in as much sunlight as possible to lower your energy bills. Dirty windows will prevent this much-needed natural element from penetrating your home, so your heat efficiency will deteriorate. Natural heat and bright light indoors will be an inviting prospect for your visitors.

The Window Cleaning Process

Our staff is qualified to give the best cleaning of your windows. Our superior equipment leaves them streak-free, and our techniques are top-notch. We offer a professional window cleaning service that will be a great experience, hassle-free and speedy.
Our technicians use the latest cleaning techniques to improve the cleanliness of your windows without streaks or stripes. Part of our service is also to keep the inside of your home clean and undisturbed.
Anyone can clean a window, but there’s a vast difference between a quick DIY job and a professional service.

How It Works

• First, cleaners will visit to inspect the whole home, taking note of the extent of the work and assessing any damage.
• The next step is to remove the screens, ensuring that they are professionally cleaned and properly stored for ease of replacing them without complications.
• Cleaners will enter the home, correctly attired in working gear with the right equipment and tools. We will clean the inside glass, the sills, and the tracks. This can include brushing and vacuuming.
• The technicians responsible for the outside windows will work on the glass, sills, and tracks. They use a water-fed pole affixed to an extension rod with purified water pumping through the brush. The use of purified water ensures spotless-looking glass. We also use traditional window cleaning methods. Whatever method we use will give you the desired look.

Clean Windows = Great First Impressions

Homeowners and businesses know the value of making an excellent first impression, and one of the ways they do that is with professional window cleaning. Many people can benefit from hiring our services to pro-clean their windows.
If the unattractive appearance of the exterior puts off prospective clients and visitors, it’s time to give us a call. We will improve your curb appeal and bring back interest in your home and business. We offer superior pressure window washing with experts who will do your hard work.

Choosing a Window Cleaning Service

Superior Pressure Washing boasts a dedicated, experienced team delivering the best service every time to every customer. We strive to give your home that added curb appeal that will stop passersby in their tracks. We can provide you with a service that will enhance the quality of your home and give you a beautiful atmosphere and peace of mind because the hard work has been taken care of.
We use quality products and equipment to give the exterior of your home a meticulous cleaning. Our professional team will advise you on any unknown damage that can immediately be inspected before it becomes expensive.


Now is the time to call us for a free estimate on your windows, screens, sills, and frames. Enjoy your home any season by keeping it clean and sparkling throughout the year. We will handle your requirements with the care you deserve.
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